Technical Service
Technical Service

After-Sales Service
Elimko has given reliable after-sales technical services for devices and detectors it manufactured since its foundation years and for completed automatic control system it established. It continues to give after-sales technical services with the same care for products of firms that Elimko became their representative in next years.

There are engineers and technicians in company giving technical support in departments such as;

1) The department establishing Complete Automatic Control Systems,
2) The department manufacturing electronical devices,
3) The department manufacturing detector,
4) The department related with product representation.

The strongest staff according to their subjects is within the body of Elimko.

We give after-sales technical service with same experienced staff for productions of firms that we represent.

Our company also is Turkish Authorized Service of ABB Instrumentation Group.

Our service personnel visit factories according to a particular program and may give onsite service.

Elimko has contributed technical trainings of technical personnel in factories by its seminar programs for 4 days and 2 days since 1980. Since the first day of seminars, approximately 7000 technical personnel have attended to these seminars being organized for general or private purposes on particular dates of years. These participations are documented with a certificate. These training activities provide an important technical support for our firms. We believe that we are a firm giving the most active, rapid, reliable and proper after-sales service in our sector.