Many organizations develop product. In this process, industrial organizations appreciate each other for developed products, applauses motivate. However, authorities such as TUBITAK, TUSIAD, KALDER, TTGV, TESID and Industry Chambers make this more official recently. They first announce contest rules, they filter within a serious process; they evaluate and choose successful firms. In that way, they encourage new product improving, they motivate firms. Our country required such an approach. We think that this requirement is performed. Even participating into such contests is very important. Certainly, some firms are awarded, some may not. But firms aiming to participate into these contests every year will create a target among their staff and a motivation increase will occur. This will encourage new inventions, new products and technological improvements. Elimko found itself in a cheerful environment for a few years. Our firm improving its product range continuously and bringing up new products and ideas since its foundation is proud of being awarded for its studies.

Elimko applied for Technology Success Award of TUBITAK-TTGV-TUSIAD two years and went on to the finals with outstanding organizations such as Arcelik, Beko, Sisecam and awarded for its Microprocessor Equipped FK-100 Oven Control Device. This device as serving for floury food sector became a device being used safely by firms active in foreign markets. This device also became in the limelight of various foreign firms in Germany IBA’98 Fair and opened the doors of foreign markets for Elimko.

Elimko Microprocessor
Equipped FK-100
Oven Control Device
Technology Success Plaque
Our award was taken in Lutfi Kirdar Congress Center by Mr. Malik AVIRAL, the member of Administrative Board

In the same year, Elimko became finalist in Awards for Innovativeness and Creativity in Electronics” arranged by Turkish Electronics Industrialists Society (TESID) with its E-680 Series Microprocessor Equipped Alarm Computer and awarded with a plaque. This device performing important duties in many outstanding organizations takes its place in product range with its ergonomic structure and its technological content of innovations.

Elimko 680 Microprocessor
Equipped Alarm Computer
Award of 1999 TESİD
Innovativeness and
Creativity in Electronics
Plaque of Elimko was taken in TUYAP Exhibition Hall by Mr. Malik AVIRAL, the member of Administrative Board

This time, Ankara Industry Chamber appreciated PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT successes of our Industrialists of Ankara. They gave PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT Success Award to most successful 6 firms in a ceremony arranged in Presidential Palace. Elimko among together with great organizations such as Eregli Demir Celik, Aselsan took its award from Suleyman Demirel, The President in that period.

Ankara Industry Chamber
Malik AVIRAL, the member of Administrative Board took our “PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT AWARD” from Demirel, The President in that period

Certainly, these awards motivate our firm extremely. Our firm making preparation for the contests of next year with this excitement lastly won the award of “Process of Transforming Idea into Product” in the contest of “Innovativeness and Creativity in Electronics” arranged by Turkish Electronics Industrialists Society (TESID) by TDB-100 and Dosage Tape Scale.

Award of TESID “Innovativeness and Creativity, Process of Transforming Idea into Product 2000” Hasan AKDUMAN, the member of Administrative Board took TESID award in ceremony arranged in Lutfi Kirdar Congress Center in December 13, 2000.

TDB-100 Dosage Tapes being used in facilities measuring flow of solid materials, adjusting dosage and blending are safely used in our country especially in Cement factories, Iron-Steel organizations and Fertilizer Industry. Appreciating this product, including many innovations both in device dimension and electro-mechanical dimension and having technological privileges peculiar to Elimko, with such an important award is an honor for our firm. These awards should keep going for many years. Actually, these awards are not only belonging to Elimko. They also belong to all technical personnel working in all industrial organizations couraging and supporting Elimko. As long as they support us, we shall gain more awards together with them and we evaluate Elimko’s successes as Turkey’s successes.